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Intro: What’s this blog about then?

Posted in Introduction by Trevor on April 15, 2011

Do you think a computer can be programmed to feel pain? Do lobsters have their own experiences? What about spiders? Or beetles?

Does a creature need to have a soul to be conscious? Or is it something that just arises from brain matter? And if it is, can it arise from computer matter also?

These are the sort of questions that the current science of consciousness is grappling with. I’ve written a PhD on the topic. But I’m also interested on what non-philosophers think about these things. So this blog looks at pop-culture things like movies to see what assumptions they make. Are robots portrayed as conscious, for instance? Or is it implied that a thing must have a metaphysical soul to be sentient?

For a fuller explanation, go to this page: What’s this about?

And this one explains the categories I use: Consciousness verdicts explained

Alrighty. On with the show. Huzzah.

Robot Love movie poster

Well, at least he is tall.


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  1. james said,

    hi trevor. i read the pop-version of your argument at your Unmaterialism 4.0 site and liked it. i then read the academic version and liked it 10x more. there is a physicist by the name of Thomas Campbell who wrote a book (trilogy) called My Big T.O.E. (Theory Of Everything) that seems very congruent to your argument. through a lot of research in consciousness theory i believe his book and presentations are as close to the ‘truth’ as we can get at this point in history.

    his presentations usually require 3/6 hours to adequately explain his theory, but here is a crash-course at Emory University:

    he has many videos on youtube and his trilogy is free to read on google books.

    please let me know what you think.


    • Trevor said,

      Hi James, thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the arguments at the Unmaterialism 4.0 site. I will have a look at Thomas Campbell’s work as soon as I get a chance.

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